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  • Is it possible to change my reservation dates?  
  • The check-in date is final. Check-out date is possible to postpone only to a later date. 


  • I am arriving at the External Residence Hall the next month. When I should pay the first rent?  
  • After your physical check-in. You will see the payment details in your ISKAM account. There is rent for the first month and an annual administration fee (1250 CZK). 
  • If you arrive 20th and later, you have to also pay for the next month. 


  • I had a reservation since the 1st of a month, and I arrived 25th of the month. What should I pay for?  
  • Firstly, there is a late check-in fee (1st – 25th), a rent for the rest of a month (25th – 31st), a rent for the next month and an annual administration fee. ‘Late check-in fee is as same as rent itself. 


  • I had a reservation since the 1st of a month, and I arrived later. Why should I pay for days I did not live in the External Residence Hall WEST?  
  • According to the Terms and conditions, a late check-in fee is charged from the beginning of your reservation. This fee is the same amount as the rent itself, it means that you will pay for your whole reservation notwithstanding your physical check-in.  


  • When do I have to pay rent?  
  • You need to pay the rent for each calendar month in which the sublease lasts, always no later than the 20th day of the previous month. There will be an extra late fee (30 CZK per day) in the event of a delay in the payment of the rent for longer than 14 days. Due to the fact that the money can be transferred 1 – 2 days, it is recommended to pay earlier. 


  • There is something wrong with my room or my room equipment. What I should do?  
  • Kindly go to the reception and ask about the ‚defect book‘. It is necessary to fill in your name, room number and the defect. Against your request, the technique repairman comes to ablate the defect. 


  • I want to terminate my contract earlier.  
  • Kindly contact us (west@kam.czu.cz) and remember point 4.8 in the Terms and conditions. 


  • I want to extend my stay!  
  • Kindly check this link: https://west.czu.cz/en/r-17607-extension-of-accommodation /extension-of-accommodation.html. 



  • There is something wrong with online payment. How can I pay the rent? 


  • You can pay in cash/by card at the CZU cashdesk (https://goo.gl/maps/nBD54j3xqQuFZEQX8).  
  • Or you can use these details about the payment: 
    • IBAN: CZ3808000000000500022222 
    • Bank address: Česká spořitelna, a.s. - Olbrachtova 1929/62, 140 00 Prague, Czech Republic 
    • Variable symbol: 817501 
    • Specific symbol: (ISKAM variable symbol)  



  • I am moving into another room. I already have the number of new room from the WEST team or made a new reservation in the ISKAM system. What should I exactly do?  
  • Firstly, there will probably be a new prescription for the deposit. If you move into a new room of the same type in which you already live, there is no need to pay the deposit again. If you move into a room of a different type, kindly contact us (west@kam.czu.cz) regarding the payment of the rest of the deposit. Remember that the deposit is always three months’ rent. 
  • Secondly, contact reception and hand over your actual room. 


  • I am already living in the External Residence Hall WEST, and I need a Confirmation of the Accommodation for the Ministry of Interior. What should I do?  
  • Kindly send over the reference number you obtained from the Ministry of Interior to Mr Unruh (richard@unruh.cz). Mr Unruh will deliver Confirmation of your Accommodation via the company’s databox directly to the Ministry of Interior. PDF copy and confirmation from databox successful delivery will be sent to you via email. 

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